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To buy domestic train ticket of China mainland, please read the following notice first:

1. Totall cost of the train ticket (including commission) must be sent to our Paypal as early as possible. The currency transferred to our Paypal can only be in US dollars. Please make sure to exchange the currency to US dollars before you make the fund transferring.

2. At the same time, we need the correct passport information or the scanned file (must be clear and recognizable) of passport of EACH passenger.

3. Because the train ticket system is operated and governed by the Ministry of Railways of China, what we can do is to try our best to buy the tickets as you demand. Otherwise, during the peak season or festival seasons, the ticket could be very difficult or impossible to buy. So we suggest you'd better transfer the money and send the passport information as early as possible. And please let us know what alternative option you would like to take if the level of bunk,seat,or train is not available by the time. But we are not 100% sure that we can buy the ticket as you demand. In the case that we are NOT able to buy any ticket successfully for you to meet your demand, we will refund the money you paid.

4. Commission: 14 USD or 80.00 CNY/ticket. We will calculate and notify you of the final amount in USD considering that Paypal will charge related transaction and bank service fees.

5.Cancellation: Once we have bought the ticket successfully for you, we would not be able to cancel it or have it canceled. You would have to go to the train station with your passport to return the ticket and get the refund if you would like to cancel it. The train station will charge a certain percentage of handling fee. Moreover, the train ticket CAN NOT be changed either once it is bought successfully. You need to cancel it and buy a new one if you would like to change the schedule or train.

6. For domestic trains in China mainland, children under 1.2 meters is free of charge; children taller than 1.2 meters and under 1.5 meters need to buy children’s tickets.

7. As the availability of the ticket is changing in every minute, please make the payment and forward us your passport information as early as possible (at least 25 days prior to the train departure date).

8. Because of the policy of the passport verification, we can buy at most 3 tickets (3 journeys) for each person before your passport get verified at the train station.

9. We are NOT able to buy train tickets going to Hong Kong, Macao, Lhasa, Ulan Bator, (or any other international train ticket) etc.

10. We will send you our Paypal account once you have submitted this request.

NOTICE: The above policy is based on the latest regulation released by Ministry of Railways of China. We will follow the latest regulation if there are some clauses being modified.