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One book saves ¥5 CNY/day @ Beijing Downtown Backpackers Accommodation!


Worrying about your bookshelf being overwhelmed by books you never read?
Here is the solutions:
When you have spare books that you don’t need any more, we will appreciate if you could bring them to our hostel and you could get a ¥5 CNY coupon from each book when you stay in our hostel.

Book Standard:
1. Size - No smaller than 6.9 x 4.1 x 0.6 inches (17.5 x 10.5 x 1.5 cm);
2. Category - Literature, culture, history, biography, photography, art, politics, science, tourism, food & cuisine etc...
3. Language - English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, etc... (NOT Chinese or Japanese)
*Book eligible to the above standard is defined as standard book.

1. If you offer ONE standard book, you can get a ¥5 CNY coupon that can be used to pay the room fee (no matter what room you stay) during your staying. EACH guest could ONLY use one coupon for one day’s room fee maximally.
2. If your sojourn days are not enough to consume all the coupons earned from the books, we could only make the maximal possibility for you - one coupon to be used on one day’s room fee for one person.
3. If your book is much larger & thicker or much smaller & thinner than the standard (at least twice larger in size), we’ll decide a special discount than the standard one for you.
4. The coupon is valid for 1 year from the date you first check in.

FAQ & Examples:
Q: We are two people staying in your hostel for one night. If I have 10 standard books, then how many coupons can I use during my staying?
A: You can use two coupons (totally 10 CNY). Because each person could only use one coupon each day.

Q: If I have a lot of books, can I keep the coupons and use them for next time?
A: Yes. But you need to use it within 1 year. We’ll remark in your reservation.

Q: How do I use the coupon?
A: Actually it is not a physical coupon, we just take the amount off from your room fee when you pay.
For example, if you offer 10 standard books for two people staying 4 nights (price 100CNY/bed/night), you need to only pay 100 x 2p x 4n - (5CNY x 8 coupons) = 760 CNY. (In this case, even you have 10 coupons, each person can only use one coupon on one day’s room fee.)

Q: In the above case, what if we cancel one night and check out one day earlier?
A: You can get one day’s room fee refunded:
Refunded amount: (100CNY - 5CNY coupon) x 2p = 190CNY).
You can keep the coupons or take the books back as well. But, once we receive your book, we will stamp on it and stamped books can’t be used for coupons any more.