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    After staying at Beijing Downtown Backpackers Accommodation, you need look no further for better place in the area. We don’t provide the most luxurious accommodation, but the most economical, cleanest, and most comfortable and hospitable one. After all, we are the FIRST one who runs private-owned hostel in China.

    Moreover, our mission is not only to offer you a cozy temporary home in Beijing, but also to make you experience all the adventures that you can possibly experience in Beijing, or in China. Our most popular tour “Walking The Great Wall” is the trip that you’ll never forget. Otherwise, we also provide a variety of tours as well as services. Please see the details in “Our tours” and buy a tour directly in “Tours” online.


    We are located in a popular lane named Nan Luo Gu Xiang, which is now preserved by Beijing government as a cultural heritage. Surrounded by courtyard houses and narrow lanes that date back to the Yuan Dynasty (13th century), it is the ideal location to experience true Beijing.

    If you take a stroll for 10 minutes from our hostel, you’ll arrive the one of the most picturesque city park in Beijing - Hou Hai Lake. In the area of the lake, you’ll enjoy the scenery of traditional Beijing Hutongs (narrow alleys surrounded by traditional Chinese courtyard houses.)


    Even though we don’t have a lot of rooms, our rooms have a variety of types meeting your various demands. The room types consists of 6-bed-dorm (bunk), 8-bed-dorm (bunk), 4-bed-dorm (bunk without bathroom), 4-bed-room, triple room, double room with window, double room without window, twin room with window, twin room with small top window, double room with veranda, and double room with small sitting room. Almost all the rooms have a private bathroom. Please see the detailed description in “Accommodation” and book a room or bed immediately online.

    Almost all the rooms have private bathrooms with 24-hour hot water and shower, individually controlled 24-hour air conditioning and heating.